Our Guiding Principles


We provide customers higher total value with castings designed and delivered cooperatively in our extremely automated, quick response iron foundry and machining facility at a competitive price.


The remarkable quality of our workforce gives an effective competitive edge. To expand on this favorable position, we will endeavor to contract and hold the most qualified people accessible and to amplify their chances for success through training and development. Where innovation, teamwork, and a desire for excellence connect to engage our customers, we provide a remunerating workplace to our employees and make benefits for steadiness and progress.


We focus on being a decent corporate citizen in all the places we work around. We will keep up high ethical standards, obey all applicable laws, principles, and guidelines, and respect local and nationwide communities. Above all other objectives, we are committed to running safe and environmentally responsible enterprises.

We at Ariix endure that our qualities decide our work culture and a decent form of qualities normally comes into an incredible workplace, immersing all areas of the business. We have faith in setting goal-oriented benchmarks and endeavoring to accomplish them every year. We give the most extreme significance to quality and submit to a zero defects policy. We are focused on constant achievement, and remarkable results of lasting value and stick to a mix of peerless qualities that eventually come into perfection. We have confidence in seeking after circumstances without hindrances.

Our leaders are efficient people with a sincere effort to make a strong, goal-oriented, people-centric organization. With a winning combination of powerful development plans and a sympathetic leadership, Precision isn’t known for its quality and manufacturing capacities, yet in addition to being an extreme and gentle organization. We strongly admire solution-seeking and a person’s ability to think “out of the box”.

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